Inconel Alloy 686 ®

Inconel Alloy 686 ® is a Ni-Cr-Mo-W Alloy offering outstanding resistant to general corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and to pitting and crevice corrosion in a range of severe environments. It is especially suited to handling mixed acids containing high concentrations of halides.

West Special Fasteners are manufacturers of Inconel Alloy 686 Fasteners.

Inconel Alloy 686 Fasteners such as Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Socket Capscrews, Studs, Studbolts, Socket Setscrews, Socket Countersunk screws & bespoke machined components can all be produced at West Special Fasteners Limited.

We can also supply round bar in Alloy 686.

Inconel Alloy 686 is used in a variety of applications, including the chemical industry for its resistance to aggressive media. It is also used pollution control, pulp and paper manufacture and waste management applications.

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Typical Chemical Analysis

C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo
0.010 0.08 0.75 0.040 0.020 19.0-23.0 Bal 15.0-17.0
W N2 Nb Ti Co Cu Al B
3.0-4.4 0.02-0.25
V Fe Mg Ta Nb + Ta Ca O2 Bi
Se Sn Zn Pb

Typical Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength: 827N/mm² Impacts:
0.2% Proof Stress: 586N/mm²
Elongation: 20% Stress Rupture:
Reduction of Area:
Other Remarks: Mechanicals based on 686 Grade 1 Condition, Grade 2,3,4 available upon request