Stainless Steels A4, A2, A4-80, A2-80

Stainless Steels A4, A2, A4-80 & A2-80 are stainless steels which have over 10.5% chromium. The balance of other elements such as nickel, molybdenum, copper, carbon, titanium and nitrogen as well as the chromium, result in improved characteristics such as strength and good formability.

Stainless Steels A4, A2, A4-80 & A2-80 are austenitic, non-magnetic steels which offer excellent resistance to corrosion. A4 has a higher resistance to corrosion than A2. A4-80 and A2-80 have an ‘80’ on the end to indicate the Minimum Tensile Strength (N/mm²). For example A4-80 must have a minimum tensile of 800 N/mm² and A2-80 would be the same (800 N/mm²).

Stainless Steel A4, A2, A4-80 & A2-80 Fasteners such as Bolts, Nuts, Socket Capscrews, Studs, Studbolts, Washers, Socket Countersunk screws, Socket Setscrews & machined components to drawings and hot forged items can all be produced at West Special Fasteners Limited.

We can also supply round bar in Stainless Steel A4, A2, A4-80 & A2-80.

In terms of application, Stainless Steels A4, A2, A4-80 & A2-80 are used in a variety of industries. A2 is used commonly in food processing, brewing industry, pipelines and dye tanks etc. Thanks to its higher content of molybdenum, A4 is more suitable for withstanding chloride attack, as well as industrial solvents and chemicals. However, A4 is not suitable for immersion in sea water. So A4 is used in applications such as fasteners for boat decks, sewage treatment plants, chemical plants and dairy & medical sterilising equipment.

West Special Fasteners specialises in exotic metals and have supplied major UK companies with Stainless Steel A4, A2, A4-80 & A2-80 nuts, bolts etc.

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